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On the 11th December 1969- 44 years ago today- a beautiful 3 year old girl was stolen from her mother by a group of men who didn’t speak the same language as her. She was kept in a Warehouse for some months before eventually being removed and instead, held captive with an older boy. 

At just age 11, she fell pregnant with her first child and gave birth to a baby boy. He died of brain damage and pneumonia 18 days later. After screaming for 3 days solidly, she realised she was never going to see her son again. 

Over the next 18 years, she became pregnant a further 6 times and all of her children died either by miscarriage, still birth or lack of resources due to her captors not understanding what to do. Her longest surviving child lived for just one month. 

Eventually, she was moved to a bigger facility but was still held captive. People fought and fought for her freedom but the day never came. When she turned 27, she was played a recording of her family and even then, she still remembered them. She shook and she cried in distress at their familiar voices.

And now, at 47 years old, this little girl is a grown woman and has still not been granted her freedom. What she doesn’t realise is that her mother is dead but she still has a living sister, brother, niece and grand niece. The chances are, she will never have the opportunity to meet them.

This woman’s name is Corky II and she is an orca whale. I hope that by reading that, you do not find this story any less heart wrenching. It is because of whales like Corky II that I do not believe in or support captivity. We simply have to break the chain and start phasing it out. 

So, here’s to Corky II. For being one of the strongest and most resilient women I’ve ever known. Corky, you’re in my thoughts.

Above: Corky and her first born son, Spooky.

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