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Anonymous : so you said that WWF isn't good? I've been wanting to work for PETA for years until I found out they suck then I decided WWF but now I see they're bad? what do I do! what's the good ones!

Ugh I’m so sorry. It’s really hard. Try not to aim for the big ‘major’ organisations. Go for the under dogs as they’re the ones who need your help. My favourite organisation are the WDC but I’m bias. At some point fairly soon, I’m going to make a master post of all the reputable animal charities who can be trusted. So keep an eye out. I’ll try and have that done in the next week or so! :)

Anonymous : I just recently turned vegan a couple days ago.. I was vegetarian for about three years then went to eating chicken and fish, I had this sudden urge to go vegan and so far I'm loving it! Only problem is is it's so hard reading everything and i can barley cook. Any advice or recipes for simple but tasty dishes?

What are some good recipes? have a look through there sweetie and see what you can find ^_^ I hope it can help!

Anonymous : My aunts sent me this care package of various organic soap, lotions, sprays, etc. but one of the soaps has goat's milk used in it and idk what to do. I don't want to be rude and throw it away, but at the same time there are animal products in there.

Oh darling, could you not give them to friends or family members as presents? You do need to be honest with your auntie though. Write her a letter/email and let her know that you love the gifts very much but that you can’t use them for ethical reasons!

Anonymous : I want to be vegan so bad but I live with my parents (teen) I try to ve vegetarian just so I don't eat meat. When I eat meat I just want to be sick after I eat it but everyone expects me to and when I move out I'm gonna be 100% vegan I can't wait! :)

I’m so sorry to hear you’re in such a tough situation :( It must be awful being made to eat meat. Perhaps you can ask for a food budget and buy in your own food? Until then anyway, best of luck and well done for trying your very best ^_^

Anonymous : I can't find anything about Oreos not being cruelty free :( can you please link me to something so I can read up? Ahhh thank you xx

Oreos are cruelty free bebs. They’re vegan :) xx

Anonymous : I just saw an anon say that Nestlé isn't cruelty free and they own Oreo. But I'm pretty sure nabisco owns Oreo. I don't know of nabisco is cruelty free but just letting you know I don't think nestle owns Oreo

Anonymous : Hello there! I'm just wondering if you're educated at all about animal conservation programs, if you understand what it means to artificially inseminate and breed animals to perpetuate the species or to obtain a captive research population? Also, are you familiar with the concept of a captive research population, where a group of animals with wild counterparts is studied to conserve or improve the lives of the wild counterparts? Vegans are never science majors or vets.

Hello. Yes, I am very much educated on all topics mentioned above. I’ve been studying animals intensively since I quit school at age 14. Unfortunately, it is captivity that induced such a large decline in most species in the first place. 

Anonymous : I would just like to stress to everyone that dog do NOT NEED MEAT. They are OMNIVORES, NOT carnivores. Cats are obligate carnivores, so they do require animal flesh to survive and be healthy, but dogs do not. They can, and do, easily thrive on a vegan diet. I am so fed up with the myths that dogs NEED meat lol it's just not true. They are scavengers, which means they eat what they can find. They're not hunters like cats. That was all, just had to throw it out there, sorry for the enthusiasm! :)

No worries. I think it’s just best to stick to a companion’s natural diet :)

Anonymous : hi so my mom is vegan and I am about 99% of the time so my house is fine but when I'm at friends houses who aren't vegan, I cave in and eat non vegan stuff (dairy never meat) and I was wondering if you had any tips to stay strong and not cave in?

How can I eat vegan at a friend’s house? :)

w0w-thats-l0udd : Information for anyone in Des Moines, Iowa who wants to check out the famous Zombie Burger! They have a fantastic vegetarian chili which can be made vegan, and they also have two vegan "burger" patties. Super fun place to go, awesome service. Definitely a Place to go!