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Anonymous : hi :) ok so about a week ago i watched a video presentation on facts about the human body and going vegan, i completely understood all the points he was making and since then i've been feeling sick to my stomach when i eat meat or dairy bc i know what its doing to me. I do plan on going vegan, or vegetarian to start off, however i do have to take it very slowly considering im not the person in my house who buys the groceries and i dont think starving is an option lol. just wanted to share that:)


Anonymous : found out recently that at Subway, the only vegan bread is Italian!

Anonymous : With regard to horseback riding ... could someone who never had the chance to develop a loving relationship with a horse be within ethical boundaries to ride it? Even for fun/the experience? Say someone grew up as a vegan in a big city and came across an opportunity to ride a horse. Would that be okay? Sorry if this question is weird ... I'm a transitioning vegan and have only been on a horse once, it was an incredible experience lol

The beautiful thing is, you don’t need to ride to feel that loving connection. When I was 8, I adopted a horse with the World Horse Welfare (check them out guys, they’re AMAZING) and as a birthday present, my mum drove me the three hours to go and meet her in person. She was one of the most beautiful, magical and wonderful little angels that I’ve ever met, and when we looked into each other’s eyes, it was as if we were sharing our stories with one another. She was very gentle, calm, placid. She slow blinked at me gently as I rubbed her gorgeous flash. As it happened, she was an abused race horse so I wasn’t able to ride her anyway. But I didn’t need to. I’m sorry to get so cheesy but, we were one in that moment. And I know that anyone who has ever had the chance to get close to a horse will know exactly what I mean when I say that. It’s literally such a powerful and magical experience. 

You will be just fine without having to ride. You can meet so many gorgeous horses and bond with them in your own ways! Why not go down to your local rescue/sanctuary and meet them? Even though you can’t home one, you could still visit them and maybe even volunteer! 

Either way, don’t worry about a thing. You will feel that fantastic bond again. Just you wait.
image(Emma’s Treasure, my beautiful lady, the year she died.)

Anonymous : school's starting up pretty soon and I find it hard to make vegan meals to pack up and eat on the go. Any fairly simple ones you use?

I would suggest sticking to staple snacks so that you’ll be full but so that you don’t have to go out of your way to cook!

What are some quick and easy vegan snacks? Suggestions for you! :)

Anonymous : Can you be considered a vegan if the only animal product you consume is D3 in vitamins because you can't order things off the Internet and there are no vegan vitamins available in stores? I am in this situation but I can't not take the vitamins because I have malabsorption issues. I just wanted to know if I am wrong to call myself a vegan or should I call myself a vegetarian?

No, you’re not wrong to call yourself a vegan. As I always say, veganism is about doing the least harm possible and right now, that’s all that’s possible for you. Pro tip though- you can get lots of D3 from shiitake mushrooms, fortified soy milk. fortified cereal, fortified orange juice and fortified tofu. The best way to absorb it though that beats any of these is through the sun! :)

Anonymous : I am vegan but I can't see what is wrong with free range eggs and honey? When I asked someone they had a go at me for not seeing what was wrong with eating free range eggs and honey but they never gave me a valid reason for why it's bad! Could you please tell me?

Of course my love! :)

Why aren’t free range eggs good enough?
Why isn’t honey vegan?

Anonymous : I'm kinda confused about vegetarian/vegan meat like isn't It going against the point of us NOT eating meat making fake meat. Also is faux fur alright 4 vegans? Xx

Not at all. Veganism is about causing the least harm possible and eating soya, tofu, tempeh, seitan etc is causing non human animals no harm at all. As for faux fur, yes it is but do be careful as a lot of companies will go out of their way to lie about the legitamacy of their fur! xx

Anonymous : sorry if this is ignorant but what's a raw vegan ???

It’s not ignorant sugar! :) Raw veganism is exactly what it says on the tin really… it’s one who follows an almost entirely raw vegan diet and does not eat anything processed (lots of home made food).

Anonymous : Have you heard of "LUV Ice Cream" ? I've never had it, but it looks amazing! :) Love the blog btw xx

No but now I’m going to Google the shit out of it!